We take great care when it comes to trimming trees. With improper technique that novices often accidentally hurt the trees instead of help them. We know how to trim your trees the right way!
  • Limbs need to be cut at appropriate sizes at certain times of the year to prevent disease or entry of insects
  • Branches need to be safely cleared away from electrical wires and telephone poles to avoid power outages or fires
  • Felling paths need to be laid out and cleared to protect both the workers and the tree
  • Tools need to be in their best condition to achieve clean cuts

Our arborists give us expert advice on each specific tree and when and how to go about performing services on them. Their help makes every job a success.


Unwanted trees are usually dead or dying, and need to be removed for health, safety and aesthetic purposes. There are projects, however, where live trees should be removed when they interfere with:
  • Other trees
  • Buildings and foundations
  • Driveways
  • Utility and electrical wires
  • Obstruction of views
  • Pool areas


After going through the time and trouble of cutting down a tree, an eyesore should not remain in your yard. You have to mow around this tree stump that is only taking value and beauty away from your property. Even if the tree stump is located on a non-residential property, there are many other reasons why stump removal is so important:
  • Spreading roots from stumps can threaten sidewalks or foundations, and diseased wood can reach healthy trees and shrubs and damage them.
  • Prevents infestations of bees, wasps, hornets, termites, other insects, or even larger animals.
  • Exposed stumps have the potential to be a source of slip and fall injury lawsuits.
  • Ground out stumps are less likely to start growing back again.


Dead or hazardous trees, tree branches, and brush in public streets, parks and other property lots is a concern to us, whether they are there due to storm damage or simply wanted for removal. Our attention to safety and detail allows our staff to remove unwanted trees and brush with minimal risk to themselves. Disposal of these trees and tree branches adds to your safety as well.


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